Not sure if your idea will sell in the market?

"We'll Personally Hand-hold You in Building & Launching Your First Hot Digital Product Without the fear of people buying it"

…taking you from no student to your First 100 Paying students

Watch the video belowπŸ‘‡ to get started

  • βœ… No more trial and error.
  • βœ… No more struggling to create a course.
  • βœ… No more low sales.
  • βœ… No more procrastination.
  • βœ… No more failed product.
  1. You are not sure if you are on the right track in creating your course..
  2. You are struggling to create a course
  3. You are not sure if your idea will sell.
  4. You don't know how to get paying students for your course.
  5. You're tired of creating your course because you felt lost in the process..
  6. You are done creating your course but no one is buying it.

We will help you deal with all of these in our Done With You Program.

Imagine if we could guide you to:

  1. βœ… Validate your idea to know if people will buy your product.
  2. βœ… Choose an irresistible name that will attract your potential buyers.
  3. βœ… Outline your content in a way that will interest your students.
  4. βœ… create your course content that get your buyers stuck with your course
  5. βœ… Show you how to get your first 100 paying students

If you can fix all these problems, then you can finally have your own sellable hot digital product and make nothing less than $100-$5000 monthly.


Opeyemi made N514,862 within 7 days of launch

Olayinka made N679,103 within 4 days of launch

Introducing the Hot Selling Course Creation β€œDone With You” Program

This is a program for anyone who has a knowledge, skill or passion either as professional, coaches, business experts, content creators, entrepreneurs etc and want to turn the knowledge into a sellable digital product people will consistently pay you for every month but you are not sure how to start and need someone to lead you by hand.

Every step of the way, we will review your course creation process through a strategic weekly zoom call session and help you hasten the launch of your course.

What you will be getting in this DWY program: We will be reviewing all the course creation asset to ensure you are doing the right thing.

  1. βœ… Everything available inside 12 days to 100k masterclass replay -- valued @ ₦49,999.
  2. βœ… Course module and course title -- valued @ ₦49,999
  3. βœ… Course Creation Strategy -- valued @ ₦149,999
  4. βœ… Sales Funnel Design using Kreatesell Business Plan (3 months plan) -- valued @ ₦18,000.
  5. βœ… Copywriting bundles (Webinars, Video Sales Letter, Sales page) -- valued @ ₦99,999.
  6. βœ… Video Editing (Intro and Outro) -- valued @ ₦49,999.

    Our pro video team will handle the editing of the videos. This means, you wouldn't be spending hours or money on editing your videos.

  7. βœ… 5 Graphics Design -- valued @ ₦24,999.

    Our graphics designers will design all the banners and other graphic materials needed for the launch and promotion of the course.

How Does This Works

2-3 Weekly Zoom Calls and everything is set.You will get schedule of the calls after payment.

And at the end of the program, you will have:

  1. βœ… A hot selling digital product that people will be willing and begging to pay for.
  2. βœ… Free 3 months Kreatesell Business Plan.

The total value of everything is worth more than this ₦442,999 but you will get all this for a tiny price of ₦59,999 from Dec 5 to Dec 16 and goes back to ₦149,999 from Dec 16 to 22 and finally the offer is closed.

This slot is only open for the first 5 persons to pay between Dec 5 and Dec 15.