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Meet Micheal !

Michael was always broke. He didn't know how to make money online and went about borrowing money from friends and family, to meet his basic needs.

This was quite EMBARRASSING! He thought and decided that he didn't want to continue that way. There had to be a way out!And he found it!

He signed up as a user on KreateSell. After signing up, he browsed through the products listed, looking for those that offered the BEST commissions to Affiliates.

He applied for the offers and his request was approved, he got his unique referral link for each product.

In Less than 60 days, Michael Blew! He became A MULTI MILLIONAIRE In Naira!

He had a following on his Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp status.

After promoting the links on these platforms, he got so many people to buy - A total of 2,000!

Let’s break it down,

He applied as an affiliate for 5 products offering a commission of $10 per product

Got a total of 2,000 people to buy at least one of the products using his affiliate link

And made a whopping total of $20,000

That is 10,000,000 when converted to Naira!

He made commissions on every person who bought through his link and got paid INSTANTLY into his wallet and then, into his registered bank account on our Affiliate payday - every Tuesday!

It was that EASY…

The best part? The link doesn’t expire. He would earn from anyone who buys using his link in the future.

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