No more Headaches from Multiple
Complex Tech Tools

No more headaches from
multiple complex tech tools

You need quality time to create brilliant content for your audience who needs them. Upload your content on a simple
all-in-one platform and save yourself from losing your peace in figuring things out….

You need quality time to create brilliant content for your audience who needs them. Upload your content on a simple all-in-one platform and save yourself from losing your peace in figuring things out….

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Sell your contents to anywhere in the world doing almost nothing.
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Onboarding welcome emails

Prepare your automation to send messages to your customers, buyers, members once they buy or sign up for your product and also to bring about smooth sailing throughout their shopping span.

Multi-language & multi-currency

Talk to your customer in the language they understand, and display pricing in their local currency and worry less about currency barriers.

Onsite Payments

Buyers will enjoy a seamless and hassle free experience in ordering or purchasing your product. Increase in the inflow of cash because of seamless payment options.

Flexible payment options

Shoot your sales and Skyrocket your conversion rate by providing your customers with flexible payment methods they prefer.

Payment Links

Use Payment Links to sell your product, to start a subscription, or accept membership. Create a full payment page and send to a wide range of prospects around the world through your social media handles, emails or any channel you choose to use in just a few clicks.

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Digital products

Sell your digital product like pdf, zip file, video tutorials, Instructional guides and many more worldwide.


Make your community members or students happy by giving them lots of updates and introducing them into active/conversational community, forums where they get to meet like minded.


Set an intended fee for your customers to get access to your already existing or newly added products on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Online Courses

Choose from the endless list of online courses that perfectly solve your business and customers’ needs; KreateSell accepts many file types, hosts all of the content, and starts making money from selling your content to your students.

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Customize how, where, when, and the market you want to sell your products to. Delivery will be done faster and safer, based on what you pre-set.
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You are provided with a full functional toolbox that takes care of the legal and administrative requirements. Concentrate on creating content and making money.
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Make use the API option to connect your business store with supported 3rd party applications. Simply copy the provided API keys and paste it into the 3rd party application.

Fraud reporting

You can prevent any suspicious activities. KreateSell provides you round-the-clock support which you can immediately reach out to inorder to resolve the issue.

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Reduce your stress by automating your marketing funnel or flow with super-effective tools to help you increase your conversion and sell better.
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Coupon codes

Manage products and activate discounts for individual products or all products, in a specific time frame or based on the fixed amount or percentage.

Affiliate marketing

Enable the ‘Allow affiliate to promote’ option during your product upload and let affiliate promoters share your product link. And bring in massive sales for just a small percentage of the sales price as their commission.

Product update emails

Get your active customers informed with the latest updates that just happened to the product they bought.

Give Free Gift

Give your customers gifts for compensation or as lead magnets to increase your store's traffic and conversion by setting your product price to ‘Make It Free‘.

Activate and Deactivate

Activate your product to get it listed on your store page. Customers would see activated products and can make purchases. You can deactivate a product if there is something to be sorted out, until it is resolved. When deactivated, your product would not be visible for purchase.

Cart abandonments

Now you can stop losing potential buyers. Cart abandonment campaign has been put in place to notify and send reminder messages to a potential customer who clicked the checkout button but left your product without buying.

Email marketing

Get your potential and active customer engaged with your personalized email or the preset email on the kreateSell clipboard.

New Product Alert

Get your active customers notified about any new product you add to your store.

Lead magnets

Give people free content in exchange for their email addresses, to build your audience list. They become your new leads and you can sell your digital products to them at anytime.

Product Pre-order

You don’t need to have a ready-made product before you can sell. With this feature, you can be in the process of creating a product, but set a release date and start receiving payment in advance before you complete and publish the product.

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Custom Product Store

Use drag-and-drop elements or select preset templates, then customize fonts and colours that align with your branding for a seamless customer buying experience.

Checkout templates

Select from the list of available checkout templates or you might decide to design your own from scratch by using custom component blocks.

Custom email templates

Customize your email templates for orders, campaigns, or a newsletter to maintain your brand voice.

Custom checkout fields

Decide on the information you need from your buyers, like a phone number or email, name and many more.

Customize buttons

Change your checkout call-to-action button by typing in your new desired text.

Be simple

Your aim for enabling or disabling any option on your product page should be to ease your customer's buying experience.

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Make the checkout page to look just exactly as you want. Also, to bring ease to your target audience purchasing experience.
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Get your personal documents and files secured by using the management tools on the platform.
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2-factor auth

Protect your account from unsecure and unreliable access to your account by activating the 2-factor authentication.

Video & audio streaming

Restrict the unauthorized use of your content by exploring the options of audio and video as that cannot be easily duplicated or pirated.

Limit number of Product

Set product limits to prevent customers from accessing the document after the preset amount of products have been reached.

PDF stamping

Get your pdf document stamped or watermarked to prevent the unauthorized sharing of your personal property or document.

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Order reports

Generate the full report of the sales made over a specified period or over time in just a few clicks.

Full product reports

Create and export all your products, including names, prices for offline or personal use.

Abandoned cart analytics

Get the complete analytics of the buyers that abandoned your digital product while shopping. You can download their details and personally reach out to them to see why and how to help them resolve any issue.

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Get the proper data and analytics of your store with the comprehensive analytic tools provided by kreatsell.
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Fast instant payment. With Kreatesell, your earnings are instantly sent to your local bank/wallet for easy access and use. Manage your payout settings and get settled in a flash, all from your dashboard.
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Instant payouts

Get your sales payment faster with instant payouts; we don’t hold money after it has exceeded the clearance period.

Unified payouts

Get all your sales made in different currencies paid directly to you in your local currency. You get settled immediately, after we process it for you.

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24/7 Support

We have a full-functioning 24/7 support readily available to take care of any concerns, questions, complaints or suggestions you might have.

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KreateSell support is your partner in business. We care for your wellbeing and peace. That is why we're right next to you whenever the need arises.
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